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How and Where We Give

With office/distribution locations and our customers located across Newfoundland and Labrador, our commitment is to the people of our province and to the areas where they live and work. Not only is what we give important; the real importance is about how we give.

Our focus is to make contributions in five core areas: Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, History and The Canadian Armed Forces, and Health and Wellness. Over our 150+ years of business in Newfoundland and Labrador, we have supported diverse initiatives in these focus areas that allows us to continue to help strengthen our communities.

Arts and Culture

Every thriving community has a healthy arts community. We contribute to it by supporting visual and performing arts organizations, museums, art education programs, and symphonies.


We support young adults and adults in their pursuit of higher education through scholarships and educational programs.


Our support for the environment is focused on programs that promote sustainable development, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency.

History and The Canadian Armed Forces

Newfoundland and Labrador is steeped with history and we want to celebrate, remember and preserve our unique history for generations to come. We contribute by supporting members of The Canadian Armed Forces and its affiliated subsidiaries, both current and in memory.

Health & Wellness

We focus on supporting recognized and registered health charities and not-for profits with mandates which foster and promote healthier lifestyles and physical activity.

**All of our donations are made from Browning Harvey Limited whether it be financially or with in-kind donations. Our team at Browning Harvey Limited is also committed to our core values and we support volunteer opportunities for our team to take part

Application Process

If you would like to request support please use our online application form.
We receive a high volume of applications so please be patient and give us at least 45 days to respond. Your application should be filed no later than 60 days from your event. Filling out another application or calling/emailing/messaging will not move your application ahead. Our committee will review each application and if it falls within our funding guidelines and meets our current community focus, we will reach out. At this stage, we may ask you to provide additional information.

Some applications that do not meet our funding guidelines may potentially be considered for marketing or business development investment. We will forward these applications to the appropriate department for consideration.

Since Browning Harvey Limited cannot provide support for all the applications submitted, we choose organizations that best meet our funding priorities and guidelines. At times, we may decline investing in a worthy program because we have already committed to a similar cause.

All donation forms must be submitted to:

Please Keep In Mind

  1. We normally only consider one request per year, per charity
  2. Our core values guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers, partners, and shareholders. They represent our fundamental beliefs and govern how we behave and make decisions. Our values enable us to recognize we are better together and help us do what is right. This means we are unfortunately unable to support any organizations whose values conflict with ours. This includes, but not limited to organizations such as:
    • Animal rights organizations or activists
    • Beauty or talent contests
    • Individual sponsorships including athletes and artists
    • Profit-making enterprises
    • Ethnic/religious organizations, unless their services/resources are available equally to all groups
    • Requests from third-party fundraisers
    • Film production/publishing activities
    • Conferences, seminars, or workshops
    • Travel, accommodation, meal expenses, field trips, or tours
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of characteristics such as race, sex, gender, colour, creed, religious beliefs, citizenship status, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability